Cataract surgery outcomes in eyes with history of scleral buckling and trauma

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Nitya Devireddy, BS, MPH
Rucha Borkhetaria, BS
Seth Pantanelli, MD, MS


Ocular trauma can cause anatomical and mechanical changes in the eye and affect subsequent eye procedures. The purpose of this study is to investigate the postoperative outcomes of cataract surgery in eyes that that previously underwent scleral buckling for retinal detachment due to trauma.
This is a retrospective consecutive case series of eyes that had a history of trauma and subsequent retinal detachment requiring scleral buckle surgery. These eyes underwent cataract surgery between 2010 and 2022. Predicted postoperative spherical equivalents were calculated with the Barrett Universal II formula for the implanted intraocular lens. Complications occurring within 1 year following cataract surgery were extracted from the patient’s electronic medical record.
A total of 10 eyes of 10 patients included. The mean age of patients at the time of scleral buckling was 46.4 ± 20.2 years. Postoperative visual acuity ranged from 20/20−1 to 20/200. Six eyes (60%) achieved a BCDVA of 20/30 or better. The mean predicted spherical equivalent (SE) was −0.88 ± 0.61 D and the actual SE was −1.25 ± 0.55 D. Of the 7 eyes for which postoperative refraction was available, 5 (71%) were within ± 0.5 D of predicted and 6 (86%) were within ±1.0 D of predicted. Following cataract surgery, 8 (80%) eyes required YAG capsulotomy for visually significant posterior capsular opacification (PCO) and 1 (10%) eye had recurrent retinal detachment. The mean time to YAG following cataract surgery was 2.53 ± 1.38 months (range, 1.20-4.99).
Retinal detachment due to trauma may result in favorable visual and refractive outcomes following cataract surgery but can also cause complications such as YAG. To fully explore the outcomes of retinal detachment due to trauma, the mechanism of injury can be noted, and additional eyes are needed to conduct further analysis.


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Devireddy N, Borkhetaria R, Pantanelli S. Cataract surgery outcomes in eyes with history of scleral buckling and trauma. Digit J Ophthalmol. 2024;30. Accessed July 21, 2024.