Epidemiology of consumer product–related ocular injuries in the geriatric population

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Hassaam S. Choudhry, BA
Sadiq Shaikh, BS
Haider Zaki, BA
Samuel Masket, MD
Simon Law, MD


We investigate consumer product-related ocular injuries among the geriatric population presenting to the emergency department (ED) in the United States.
The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) is an injury surveillance system based on a nationally representative probability sample of hospitals. Patients ages 65 years and older with ocular injury recorded in the NEISS between 1/1/2010 and 12/31/2021 were included. Patients were divided into four age groups: 65-74 years old (G1), 75-84 (G2), 85-94 (G3), and 95 or older (G4). Sex, race, type of injury, location where injury occurred, year of injury, product category involved, and disposition were compared through Pearson χ2.
A total of 113,408 ED visits for G1, 43,180 for G2, 10,896 for G3, and 1,381 for G4 were included. Statistically greater proportion of ED visits involved female patients in G3 and G4 compared to G1 and G2 (55%, 36%, resp., P < 0.00001). The proportion of White/Non-Hispanic patients declined from 57% in G1 to 53% in G2 and G3 to 41% in G4 (P < 0.00001). Household items/furnishing and construction tools were responsible for the majority of injuries (60%) and proportion increased with age (58% in G1, 61% in G2, 71% in G3, and 81% in G4). 5% of ED visits in G1 and G2 required admission, transfer, or being held for observation, versus 17% in G3 and G4 (P < 0.00001). The injury occurred in the home setting for the majority of the cases (65%) in the geriatric population (range, 50%-69%). Contusion, abrasion, and foreign body injuries accounted for 59% of cases (range, 45%-63%).
Our findings suggest that trends exist in epidemiology of consumer product- related ocular injury within the geriatric population, and may assist public health initiatives targeting reduction of ocular injury.


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