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A 72-year-old man with double vision
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2007
Volume 13, Number 7
February 17, 2007
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Sreekumari Pushpoth | Wolverhampton and Midlands Eye Infirmary
Stephanie Smith | East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
J.P. Roper | East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
A 72 year-old gentleman was referred to ophthalmology department with complaints of occasional intermittent binocular double vision for the past eight months. The patient did not complain of any headache, jaw claudication, weight loss, diurnal variation of symptoms or breathing difficulty. On inquiring about general health, the caretaker of the patient said that he had become increasingly forgetful and had a history of recurrent falls. There was no past medical history of hypertension or diabetes mellitus.