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A 54 year old woman with a red eye
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2004
Volume 10, Number 8
July 28, 2004
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Chris Hammond | Princess Royal Hospital
Gurmit Uppal | St Thomas Hospital
Saurabh Jain | St Thomas Hospital
A 54 year old woman presented to the eye casualty with a two-week history of a persistent right red eye. She had been under treatment for ‘conjunctivitis’ by her general practitioner but the chloramphenicol drops prescribed by him had no effect on the eye condition.
Initially she had not noticed any other visual or ocular symptoms but lately she felt that the vision was getting progressively worse in her right eye. She also reported intermittent diplopia especially in lateral and upgaze.
There was no significant past medical or surgical history except for mild hypertention which was well controlled on medication.