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A 16 year old with Blurred Vision
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2003
Volume 9, Number 4
December 29, 2003
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Madhavi Kurli | The New York Eye Cancer Center
Georges Adrien Shun-Shin | Wolverhampton and Midland Counties Eye Infirmary, United Kingdom
Visual acuity:
OD 20/60 OS 20/60

Anterior segments:
OD: Inferonasal iris coloboma (Figure 1)
OS: Normal

Fundus examination:
OD: Extensive inferior chorioretinal coloboma (Figure 2)
OS: Partial inferior chorioretinal coloboma (Figure 3), optic disc pit (Figure 3), and extensive serous elevation of the macula (Figure 4)

Applanation tonometry: Normal (OU)
Figure 1
Inferonasal Iris Coloboma OD

Figure 2
Extensive Inferior Retinochoroidal Coloboma OD

Figure 3
Optic Disc Pit with Partial Inferior Retinochoroidal Coloboma OS

Figure 4
Fundus Fluorescein Angiogram demonstrating central serous retinopathy