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38 year old myopic male with recurrent red eye OD
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 1997
Volume 3, Number 21
June 14, 1997
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Khalid Sabti MD | Royal Victoria Hospital , McGill University , Montreal
Jean Deschene MD | Royal Victoria Hospital , McGill University , Montreal
Vision: 20/20 OU ( with correction ) Wears: - 1.50 OU
Pupils: Equal, reactive, No APD
Motility: Full OU
Applanation pressure: 10 OD, 16 OS
Slit lamp examination: See Figures 1-3
Fundus examination: Cup to disk ratio was 0.3 OD and O.6 OS. Macula and vessels were normal. No vitritis was present.
Figure 1a
There is deposition of particulate material on the corneal endothelium

Figure 1b
On higher magnification this appeared to be pigment. There was no cell or flare present.

Figure 2
Iris transillumination is present when light is shined only through the pupil and the room lights are turned completely off.

Figure 3
Gonioscopy revealed increased pigmentation of the angle OU (OS>OD)