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38 year old myopic male with recurrent red eye OD
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 1997
Volume 3, Number 21
June 14, 1997
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Khalid Sabti MD | Royal Victoria Hospital , McGill University , Montreal
Jean Deschene MD | Royal Victoria Hospital , McGill University , Montreal
The patient is a 38 year old male originally FROM Finland who presented to our eye clinic with a red painful right eye and photophobia for 5 days.

POHx: Recurrent red eye OD twice ( 1991 & september 1996 ) both times occurring in the right eye. During his first attack ( in Finland ) he was investigated for iritis ( Blood tests and X-ray to lower back) all tests were negative . He was then treated with topical steroids .
PMHx: Negative
Meds: Non No known allergy
FHx: Non-contributory