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49 year old man with 6 months of swelling around the right eye
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 1998
Volume 4, Number 20
July 6, 1998
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Jay C. Rudd, M.D. | Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
A 69 yo woman presented to her primary ophthalmologist with the chief complaint of a painful, red, right eye for two days. The pain would awaken her FROM sleep. Past ocular and medical histories were negative. Over the next two weeks, she was treated for chronic angle closure glaucoma with Timoptic XE, Pilocarpine 2%, Alphagan, and two YAG peripheral iridotomies. She had no relief of symptoms, and sought a second opinion. Current medications included Timoptic XE, Alphagan, and Synthroid.

PMHx: None
PSHx: Appendectomy
Meds: As above
Allergies: None
SHx: Non contributory
FHx: None