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A 31-year-old man with bilateral blurry vision and floaters
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2015
Volume 21, Number 2
May 7, 2015
DOI: 10.5693/djo.03.2014.08.003
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Azin Azabari, MD | Department of Ophthalmology, Stony Brook University
Kevin Kaplowitz, MD | Department of Ophthalmology, Stony Brook University
Patrick Sibony, MD | Department of Ophthalmology, Stony Brook University
Differential Diagnosis
For unilateral granulomatous conjunctivitis (Parinaud syndrome), the main differential diagnosis includes tuberculosis, syphilis, tularemia, and chlamydia.(1,2)

For neuroretinitis the main differential includes Lyme disease, malignant hypertension, syphilis, and idiopathic stellate neuroretinitis.

For the isolated retinal or choroidal infiltrates, the differential includes the white dot syndromes, particularly multiple evanescent white dot syndrome(3) and toxoplasmosis, which, unlike Bartonella infections, classically have infiltrate adjacent to chorioretinal scarring and are not multifocal.(4)

Our patient’s differential diagnosis included white dot syndromes such as multifocal choroiditis, sarcoidosis, syphilis, lyme, and infectious and idiopathic neuroretinitis.