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A 48-year-old woman with redness, photophobia, and eye discomfort
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2013
Volume 19, Number 2
May 1, 2013
DOI: 10.5693/djo.03.2013.01.003
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Benjamin Erickson, MD | Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida
Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD | Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida
Thomas Shane, MD | Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida
A laboratory workup for anterior uveitis was deferred given the patient’s recent surgery and the fact that this was her sentinel inflammatory episode. Based on her ultrasound findings and the lack of profound pain or hypopyon, it was not thought necessary to perform immediate vitreous and/or aqueous tap for gram stain and culture. The patient was initially placed on prednisolone 1% eyedrops every hour, along with brimonidine, dorzolamide, timolol, and cyclopentolate drops. After one week of treatment, the patient’s IOP dropped to within normal range and her eye appeared less injected. Subjectively, she was more comfortable but had persistent 1+ to 2+ cell on her anterior segment examination.