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A 73-year-old man with acute orbital swelling following cataract surgery
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2007
Volume 13, Number 8
August 28, 2007
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Conor Mulholland | The Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast
A 73 year-old man presented for planned post-operative day 1 examination following phacoemulsification and placement of intraocular lens in the right eye. He complained of right upper and lower eyelid swelling and an inability to open the right eye. The surgery had been carried out under sub-Tenon's local anesthesia. The surgical record noted high “positive pressure” during surgery and a corneal wound suture was used but there were no intraoperative complications.

His past ocular history was notable for an uncomplicated cataract extraction with placement of an intraocular lens in the left eye 6 months prior. He had no significant past medical history.