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The Retina selfie: a techniques video demonstrating smartphone ophthalmoscopy
Dec 12, 2016
Volume 22, Number 4
Tomasz Stryjewski, MD, MPP | Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Shizuo Mukai, MD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
This video demonstrates the key steps in performing smartphone ophthalmoscopy using an iPhone 5. Many filming applications can be used; we prefer the Filmic Pro App (00:09), because its light intensity can be lowered, which is more comfortable for the subject and produces less glare. The subject’s pupil should be dilated with an appropriate mydriatic. If performing the technique as a “selfie,” it is advantageous to sit in front of a mirror (00:29), so that one can monitor the quality of the recorded video in the mirror reflection. To save a photograph of the fundus findings, a screenshot can later be taken of the recorded video’s findings (00:49).

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